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Head Coach

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer 

  • CrossFit OL1

  • 2016 Acrobatic British Champion

I have been working in the fitness industry since 2017. I’m passionate about both strength-based and functional training, with a strong interest in nutrition for performance.

I’m always passionate about sharing my knowledge as a PT and help educate clients and members achieve their own specific goals.

Since the age of 8, I trained for 10 years as an Acrobatic Gymnast. I achieved a lot in my career, competing Nationally and Internationally. In 2013 I broke the World Record for the most forward rolls in one minute (75), and in 2016, I became British Champion.

I currently compete and coach in the world of CrossFit, which is a path I feel like I was always meant to follow!


Founder & Coach

  • British Powerlifting medalist and Elite CrossFit competitor

  • Fitness for mental health advocate

  • Men's Health Coach of the Year 2020 & regular contributor

Having trained and competed in Muay Thai and MMA for 12 years, I then moved into Powerlifting and competed at an elite level winning titles across the world in multiple federations. I then started my functional fitness journey and have competed in elite CrossFit events across the UK and Ireland, to Norway, Miami and beyond. 

Studying advanced personal training and coaching with the National Academy of Sport Medicine, I have also learnt from leading elite athletic coaches across the world of strongman, CrossFit, powerlifting and athletic strength and conditioning. 

I have an incredible passion for fitness and the power fitness has on mental and physical recovery and cannot wait to welcome you to our sessions.

ARB -131.jpg


Coach & Battle Cancer Program Coach

  • NASM Personal Trainer (National Accossiation of Sports Medicine)

  • Marathon runner & fitness challenge fundraiser

  • CrossFit coach

Bio coming soon.


Co-Owner & Coach

  • NASM Personal Trainer (National Association of Sports Medicine)

  • Focused on mobility and movement patterns

  • Multi sport competitor

Sport has always been a huge part of my life and since starting CrossFit 6 years ago, I have seen the positive effects functional fitness training can have on physical and mental health in myself and others around me.

With a background in football, rugby, sailing and watersports, I'm passionate about using the mobility and movement patterns in functional fitness to improve your sport.

As well as continuing to compete in CrossFit and Olympic lifting myself, the chance to help others experience the same effect it has had on me is something that I'm really excited about. 

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