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Designing our space at BLK BOX

Back in August, we flew to Belfast to meet with the expert team behind BLK BOX - the UK's leading manufacturers of Strength & Conditioning equipment.

When considering our equipment provider for Move Forward Gym, we knew that quality and expertise would be key, so it was a no brainer when we connected with BLK BOX and they invited us to visit their HQ in Belfast's iconic Titanic quarter.

Set amongst engineering giants, BLK BOX is in the shadow of Belfast-based Harland and Wolff, one of the world’s most renowned ship manufacturers made famous by the RMS Titanic. The legacy of craft, innovation and intangible grit was hard to miss at BLK BOX's warehouses where products are clearly inspired by this heritage.

After jumping in a Move Forward style workout with BLK BOX's staff, we sat down with Commerical Director, Miles, to refine our concept.

From the flow of our space and custom rig, right down to the very last 2.5kg plate, Miles and his team guided us every step of the way to design our dream facility.

Splitting our time between CAD designs in the boardroom, working gym showroom and warehouse to get our hands on the kit, Miles spoke in detail about BLK BOX's products to reach the optimal range for Move Forward Gym and its members.

A highlight of our visit was to the giant workshop warehouse where all of BLK BOX's steel is engineered and fabricated ready to ship to gyms around the world. We even got to cut and bend our own pieces to take home! We loved being able to touch and test each product that will be handpicked to make Move Forward Gym just right, as well as safe in the knowledge that Miles' years of experience and passion for fitness spaces is second to none.

To BLK BOX, custom is more than just logos and colours. It means a tailored solution from concept to completion. We learnt loads, made friends and cemented a long term business relationship for years to come. THANK YOU BLK BOX!


BLK BOX offers custom fit-outs, home kit, storage, flooring and more. Check them out.

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