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BLK BOX Fit-Out: What we chose and why

Working with Miles and his team of specialists at BLK BOX in Belfast has been an unreal experience. Experts in their industry, experienced in custom fit-outs, and manufactured right here in the UK, we've been super lucky to be able to tap into BLK BOX's wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things strength and conditioning equipment.

Below we break down a few of the key pieces of kit we picked and why...


We opted for solid cast hex dumbbells encased in rubber with ergonomic steel handles. Perfect for a large range of different lower body, upper body and core workouts, we went for a higher number of lower weights. Perfect for Move Forward classes AND noise is reduced if you drop one!


Our chosen cast iron kettlebells are made using a special casting process which ensures each bell has the smoothest finish possible, free of voids or other surface defects. Each kettlebell is produced in a single cast to create a stronger, more durable item, with no welding involved.

Coloured rings around the handle mean you can quickly spot the right weight for you. Again, we ordered more at a lower weight for accessible high-rep, high heart rate workouts.


We went for BLK BOX HD bumpers. Combined with stainless steel inserts and quality virgin rubber, the HD plates offer a dead bounce and durability.

We also got a set of competition plates for our lifting platforms - especially for our members looking at elite weightlifting ;) BLK BOX's most premium offering, competition plates meet all IWF specifications and the premium glossy finish helps these plates stand out, particularly on the platform.


For the flooring, we opted for BLK BOX's Challenger Gym Tile which is made up of a recycled rubber base with a high density 2.5mm EPDM top wear layer. It's anti-slip rubber for our safety, offering enhanced shock absorption when weights are dropped. Of course, we had to add our custom floor graphic on top!


We had a lot of fun with the rig! We knew we wanted it to be wall-mounted so we chose a mid-distance from the wall to maximise space on the floor, while allowing room for rings and climbing ropes.

Made from 60mmx60mmx3mm laser cut steel, we've gone for five bays with a mix of bar finishes including a black powdercoat that provides excellent grip.


We also picked up a whole host of additional kit including jump boxes (plyo AND soft), skipping ropes, wall balls, sandbags and benches.

Come check it all out! Book your first class for FREE.


You can read more about our visit to BLK BOX HQ on the blog here.

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