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Tracking your progress with Fitr Training

Here at Move Forward Gym, we use Fitr Training as our coaching software for a whole host of reasons, but first and foremost because it's super easy for our members to use.

Did you know that you can track your progress, add notes and attachments like photos and videos in the Fitr App or on desktop?

Fitr Training's brand new app is perfect for using at the gym during your workout. All of our sessions are uploaded in the app so you can see what's coming up ahead of class, then log your performance at the gym.

So many of our members are itching to get back to training properly post-lockdown so we see Fitr Training as the perfect way to motivate and plot progress to keep everyone on track.

Head Coach, Tommo, tells us his favourite parts of using Fitr Training:

Members, download the Fitr Training app now!

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