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Steph's Wellness Journey

  • 10.11lbs to 9.6lbs

  • Using 5kg plates to 10kg plates for home workouts

  • 5k run to half a marathon

  • Sluggish and tired to bags of energy

The lovely Steph was one of our original members back in the autumn of 2020. She started out with 1-2-1 sessions before joining classes, and then sticking to Zooms and at home programming since lockdown 3.0.

She's come SO FAR in these short five months that we wanted to give her a special shout out to celebrate her journey and show her just how inspirational she is.

Q. Can you tell us about joining Move Forward Gym and your wellness journey?

A. "During the second lockdown in November, I wasn't working and was in a bad headspace with no energy.

Move Forward is such an inclusive gym. I joined over the lockdown period in November and am so grateful that the team managed to train 1 on 1 outdoors! During these times the gym has got me through a lot.

I started focusing on doing my workouts, eating healthily, and doing a weekly weigh-in with progress pics every two weeks. With more time thanks to the lockdown, I was able to do more scratch cooking or make meals from Gusto, as well as experiment with healthy pancake recipes!

Thanks for being EPIC especially over 2020.

We're so proud of your hard work, Steph! We can't wait to have you back in classes when we open for outdoor group sessions on 29th March.

Steph's Healthy Pancakes

Ingredients for one person

For the pancakes:

-1 banana, the softer the better

-1 egg

- A dash of milk of choice (I use plant milk)

- A bit of coconut oil or butter

-You can add oats and protein powder

Method (nice and simple)

-Add all the above to a food processor or blender. Not for too long.

-Turn the oven on to keep pancakes warm

-Make sure heat is pretty high to begin with, add oil or butter to the pan

-Small pancakes are key and the crispier the tastier. Add little dollops to the pan and flip once brown

Topping recommendations:

-Frozen blueberries 😍


-Peanut butter


-Dollop coconut yogurt


You can go mad for toppings 😝😝

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