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How the Quoox app can keep you on track

Updated: May 26, 2021

Here at Move Forward Gym, we use Quoox gym management system to organise members' memberships and book classes.

But it's SO much more than a booking system! We take a look at the Quoox functionalities you may not know about that you can use to keep you on track...

Buddy System

Do you have a group of gym mates that always cheer you up or push you to work harder?

Add them as a buddy in your Quoox app and share your session bookings with each other. That way, you can always see when your buddies are booked in so you can sync up sessions or get a little push when you're lacking motivation.

Attendance Reliability

Are you someone that tends to start the week with great intentions but then cancel sessions as the days go on?! You'll see your attendance reliability on your app home screen which tracks how many sessions you drop out of.

A perfect score is green but can turn orange and then red if you slip! Try to keep from going into the red.


Keep a visual track of your weight loss progress with BodyHop. Upload front, side and rear photos straight from your phone to create a body montage and see how your body shape changes over time.

These are just some of the extra functionalities the Quoox app offers to make the most out of your membership at Move Forward Gym. Make sure you download the Quoox app and have a go at some of these tools.

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