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We have Men's Health Coach of the Year 2020!

We are incredibly proud to reveal that our founder and coach, Scott, has been named one of Men's Health's coaches of the year 2020.

A good trainer can help you push your limits, but a great trainer will make you believe those limits were never there in the first place.

That is exactly how we feel about Scott. He inspires us not only in fitness, but in life.

"I’m so so grateful that the team at Men's Health put me in such an incredible list! I'm honoured to appear alongside some of the country's best fitness professionals." ⁣

Scott is the driving force behind Move Forward Gym here in Ottery St Mary, as well as spearheading our fitness fundraising event series, Battle Cancer, and launching the Move Forward Program into nine locations across the UK and US in 2021 - turning cancer survivors into fitness coaches.

"There are thousands of incredible fitness professionals who deserve this award but I hope it shows that with a little fire and drive behind a mission you can really make a difference.⁣"

A huge thank you and congratulations from the team and the members, we're so proud of you coach!


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