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We're CAWS-certified for you post COVID-19

Here at Move Forward Gym, we're launching a new service providing rehabilitation for those who have endured COVID-19 or who have been affected by Long-COVID.

Did you know that more than 1.6m people in the UK are struggling with the effects of COVID-19?

For many, their experience is far more profound than an acute cough, fever, and period of isolation - they continue to experience a list of complications from chronic fatigue to stroke-like symptoms.

Our coaches have undergone the CAWS® Rebuild™ training programme, recognised across Europe as the leading course in COVID rehabilitation for fitness and sports professionals.

CAWS® Rebuild™ certified coaches are equipped to work with individuals recovering from COVID-19 and Long-COVID after the acute phase.

Committed to his cause, his own performance, his education, his health and those of others. One of our very original CAWS®️ Rebuild™️ Graduates, it’s an absolute honour for us to have Tommo firing on all cylinders ready to support those with COVID-19 and Long-COVID on the beautiful Devon coast — a great deal of the time, from his home base Move Forward Gym

We're here to help! If you are looking for support and guidance or you know somebody who is struggling and needs help, contact us for more information on tailored personal training sessions.

Find out more about the CAWS Rebuild certification:

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